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Future Asteroid Interception Research Non-profit fund raising for astronomers hunting asteroids, meteorites, comets, and NEOs (near earth objects)

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Meteor Strike Injures Hundreds in Russia 15/2/2013 

This was only the size of a kitchen table.  Fair warning, what? Time we took this science seriously. The asteroid 2012 DA14 which came within orbiting satellites' distance in our Southern Hemisphere was half the size of a rugby field and packed a punch of approximately 28 Hiroshima bombs. In realistic terms, enough to flatten any major city.

Enough of a Wake-Up Call ?

Let's hope so, there are now UN investigations and a whole lot more folk keen on accepting and co-operating about finding and doing something about this very real threat.





Doomsday Prophecy Dec 21 2012.

Armageddon? ¡ª or just another day? 

Society¡¯s gloom mongers seem to be accumulating, like circling vultures, on the prediction that mankind will perish in just two years from now. These merchants of prophetic peril have based their pessimism on a combination of old scripts, etchings and hieroglyphics from ancient witch-doctory, all the way through recorded history to the current so-called documented cyber soothsaying.

Nostradamus, the Mayan civilization, the Hopi Indians, Ancient Hindu, I chi, WebBot internet and bunch of other less cheerful sources, have some reference to the year 2012 which ¡®the end is near¡¯ mob can latch onto. 

So we are going out on a limb in pooh-poohing the fear mongers. FAIR takes the basic scientific point of view that there is no absolute fact to indicate that the 21st of December 2012 will be any different from any other day in the year, or decade / century. We stand as much chance of being clobbered into extinction by an asteroid or comet on that date, as we do tomorrow, or as this is being typed for that matter. Although the longer it doesn¡¯t happen, like an ¡®overdue¡¯ earthquake, the odds proportionally increase, as in, an event that will 'happen¡¯ sooner.  

Remember the dreaded Y2K bug that was supposed to stop the computerised world in its tracks as we popped champagne corks at midnight 1999? How bad did the world seem during the Great Depression and dust-bowl years of drought? When the entire planet went mad and declared war on its self, not once, but twice within a generation? Shall we dare to mention the hype of viruses, flues and global epidemics of recent media hype times? 

We do share the fear produced by climate change (¡®Global Warming¡¯ having been deemed a politically incorrect term for our involvement in the Earth¡¯s environmental destruction). On the 22nd of December I intend to wear a T shirt with a favourite slogan I have adopted¡­ Armageddon was yesterday! Today we have a serious problem. The Doomsday Prophecy Dec 21 2012 is however only a date on our self made calendar... and we have the capacity, and invented the technology to thwart this particular global threat. providing we know how to read writing... on the wall!!

Note also that the Mayan calendar did not take into account the leap year factor, which would have made their ‘Doomsday’ last year on our datebook!



Only an asteroid can cause total near instant extinction !

Science and not superstition is our leaning

Unlike Climate Change, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and other potential catastrophes. A Giant meteor is a phenomena we could actually prevent in one shot - providing we have the foresight to support the astronomers working to detect and deflect NEO's.

The equivalent of THREE Hiroshima nuclear bombs exploded over Indonesia on October 8, 2009...

Yet it hardly made news. Had the same destructive energy been the result of activity from a ¡®rogue¡¯ state, or a nuke of any country for that matter, it would have dominated headlines around the world for days. So why don¡¯t we care? [ read more... ]

The dinosaurs didn't see it coming... with help, we can!!

November 18, 2009...Yet another example of how a clear and present danger is often misinterpreted. "Enjoy this video of a meteor lighting up the night sky over Utah at the weekend. Fabulous!" (


Not unlike the pyrotechnics associated with 'Shock and Awe' over Bagdad. The same weekend another over Johannesburg South Africa was as spectacular. One day, the celestial fireworks will not be so benevolent, unless we take notice.
One more warning Out of the Blue¡ª and Black

A small asteroid, big enough to wipe out greater London, was discovered only a couple of days before it was due give us a celestial bullet burn on March the 2nd 2009. While sixty-four-thousand kilometres may sound like a sizeable distance here on Earth, an object travelling in excess of 12 km per second, could cover that gap in about an hour and a half. [Read more...]

Next to global warming, asteroids are a piece of cake ...

Ten thousand marine biologists are not going to save the Antarctic krill; nor are generations of volcanists going to stop eruptions. However, all a handful of astronomy scientists will have to do when the time comes is focus on a single space rock and, with some smart rocketry and scientific wizardry, bonk it off course. Viola! World saved! [Read more ...]

Dealing with a threatening asteroid is 'simpler' than stopping the ice caps melting.

The Discovery Channel asked: "what if the Earth was hit by a 500km diameter meteor?" The results are sobering, terrifying and strangely beautiful. ... (click video on left)

The chance of a 500km wide asteroid remaining undiscovered by now is extremely slim. However the real threat comes in a much smaller form. Even a space rock only 60 meters in diameter (more frequent and numerous) would be equivalent to a multi nuclear explosion. Tunguska, Siberia 1908, was one such and it flattened an area as large as greater London... and we don't yet have the technology to track near earth objects smaller than 100 meters

Yet Another Warning Shot Across Our Bows ...
[read article]

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See all the art work of Scott Alan

One Jeep less could mean a telescope more.
Why governments don't help

BBC World's Click online program favourably reviewed the Fair Society


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[View video clip]

"I found the articles, which are all about things that have, will, or might collide with Earth, to be well written, balanced, and highly informed. I was shocked to learn about the near misses, and even direct hits, from space."
Kate Russell of Click Online 14th April 2005
[Full Review].


2002 - 2008

95% of membership fees goes directly to the scientists on specified projects.

FAIR has helped up research time

4 minutes, 46 seconds... That's how much time it would take asteroid Apophis (2004MN4) to cover the 3,380 km that it's predicted to miss Earth by on Friday the 13th in April 2029. Less than five minutes earlier or later, and it would have been a very unlucky day for everyone. Mankind's darkest day will be avoided in less time than it takes to change a light bulb ... [Continued]

Pick a number from 1 to 40 ... Say this number represents a fortune. Now ask yourself, with only 39 others in the hat, wouldn't you stick around for the lucky draw, or at least take time to check the result? If so, then consider this: those were the odds we faced in a recent asteroid discovery. A slim 1-in-40 raffle ticket with no winner, only losers.

Asteroid 2004 MN4 with 1-in-40 chance of impact may not be the smallest odds-on threat we face. Artwork courtesy David A Hardy.
Artwork by David A Hardy


An astounding fact is that astronomers hunting for near-Earth objects (NEOs) are so handicapped by lack of funding that some observatories have recently been forced to close, in spite of mounting evidence that asteroids are far more numerous than previously believed. This is a contradiction in logic; we should be posting more telescopes, not closing them.

What's the point of the FAIR Society website?
To raise funds in the simplest way possible. Fair Society offers a solution, not an additional worry ... [How FAIR Works]

Who gets the money raised by FAIR?
The scientists who need it! All the money raised by the FAIR Society is allowed to accrue over a year. Administrative costs (5%) are deducted and then the final balance of (95%) is made over the projects posted by various organizations for consideration by the FAIR Society. Once a project has been funded, it is reported on the [Funded Projects] page.

Armageddon and Deep Impact
Great films, spectacular effects: but the technical gadgetry at Bruce Willis's disposal is a long way from reality. One only has to look at the Space Shuttle's record to see that Hollywood scripts can do NASA a disservice, leaving us with an unrealistic impression of their defensive capability against incoming asteroids and comets ... [The Reality]

When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary? 

Something different like joining a society against a threat from space. The most devastating phenomena known to man is only partially researched purely because this field of astronomy is so financially hamstrung.

We can never stop earthquakes, volcanoes, or wild weather... 

But, we could with funding, prevent an asteroid impact. No other science can so precisely predict and act upon a global threat, down to the exact date and time. Plus this indisputable threat can be solved for a fraction of the cost of just about any other natural phenomenon, or human induced future catastrophe.

"Bad economy?  Don't have money?  You can still support FAIR...     Donate your spare CPU cycles to the effort of helping scientists identify and track possible NEOs by signing at

Saving the planet starts at home ¡­

The Kamini Comet


Need some humour in your life? Something to take your mind off the rat-race, traffic, geopolitics, taxes, and falling meteorites... [more]
Authorities have been proven wrong. Regional governments deemed the Asian tsunami improbable for another 70 years and dithered. Wouldn't it have been better to donate €15 towards a tsunami early-warning system prior to Boxing Day 2004?

Meteor, meteorite, meteoroid, asteroid ... what's the difference?

A meteor is the phenomenon created when a meteoroid or asteroid enters the Earth¡¯s atmosphere creating the bright light.
A meteorite is the name given to the object when it hits the ground.  What¡¯s the difference between an asteroid and a meteoroid? 
It all comes down to size. A meteoroid is anything from the size of a grain of sand
up to a boulder.  Anything bigger than that is considered an asteroid.

Whether you have a service/equipment to offer or are directly involved in asteroid research, I would be more than happy to post your wish list on this site free of charge. Please contact us.
Astronomers know an asteroid is on collision course; it's only a matter of how far into the future this event will take place¡ªhopefully when we have fully developed the technology to deal with it.

Becoming a member... What's in it for you?... [more]

Member's Comment:
"Fifteen euros is not much to ask for a lifetime membership which proves the fee is fully utilized." Marc Bogerd, Thailand, 16/07/04. All Comments


Barringer Crater in Arizona was 150 times that of Hiroshima


Giant Meteorites Not on Your List of Concerns?
Then, think of this as a project to save the donkeys! ...

FAIR Society endorses a spam-free Internet. Your e-mail address will not be sold, leased, or given to anyone; nor will members ever receive any future solicitous e-mail. Just five minutes of your time today could make a difference to all our tomorrows. Join this crucial aspect of space exploration. 

With gratitude to Fotis Theodoratos of for hosting and for his steadfast technical support over the years.




There is nothing mystical about this project or the subject matter it addresses. It is as down to earth as any other science that suffers from a lack of funding. We are helping construct an early-warning system that concerns our planet's future. If a difference can be made, credit will belong to a list of people who spared a thought for our future concerning an extraterrestrial natural phenomena. I invite you to have a browse, take your mind off the troubles of today, and experience a new horizon, something unusual, a positive escape, not something new to worry about. Together we can help scan the gap in our scientific horizons and remove the blind spot in our astronomical future. The society was founded in 1999 and has been in operation since 2002. We are an audited nonprofit organization operating under legitimate charitable guidelines, whereby anyone from anywhere can directly assist in the search for asteroids. Many hands make light work is the basic principle, and actions speak louder than words. FAIR offers the opportunity to act.

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Non-profit fund raising for astronomers hunting asteroids, meteorites, comets, and NEOs, (near earth objects)

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