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In the News

If we ignore the hype and face facts, we could prevent an inevitable future catastrophe.

In fact, we advocate removing "incoming asteroids" from the worry roster altogether because, with a little help from the private sector, this is a solvable problem (governments are handicapped). Scientists are on the technological brink of being able to prevent an asteroid impact (providing we know where to find them), whereas we will never be able to stop earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, volcanoes ...


 McNaughts comet over western Australia, January 2007

bullet Asteroid explosion over Indonesia raises fears about Earth's defences by Tom Chivers,, October 27, 2009. So why don't we                                           care ?...[Full Article & Comment]


bullet Space Rock 2009 DD45 Buzzes Earth by Kelly Beatty, Sky and Telescope, March 1, 2009, Another warning out of the Blue— and Black...[Full Article & Comment]


bullet Astronomers study asteroid nearing earth by UPI, Pasedena, CA, January 24, 2008, Yet Another Warning Shot across Our
Bows ...
[Full Article & Comment]


bullet Mars could be in for an asteroid hit by Associated Press, Los Angeles, December 22, 2007, Target Mars—Lucky Us! ... [Full Article & Comment]


bullet Are mirrors the best way to deflect asteroids? by David Shiga, NewScientist, October 9, 2007, Mirror Mirror in the Sky ... [Full Article & Comment]



Asteroid Set to Shave Earth by Richard Macey, from Sydney Morning Herald, June 30, 2006, A 91/2 Hour Reprieve ... [Full Article & Comment]



bullet Big New Asteroid Has Slim Chance of Hitting Earth, by David Chandler, New Scientist Print Edition, May 2, 2006 Only Hours Will Separate Us from Colliding with a Whopping 800-Meter-Wide Asteroid in June 2008 ... [Full Article and comment]


bullet Meteorite Turns On Sky Show for WA December 4, 2005 Awesome Australian Fireball Fails to Illuminate the Problem ... [Full Article & Comment]

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How Soon Is Too Late | Introduction | Justification | How FAIR Works | Not Convinced? | In the News | Frontispace Articles | Frontispace Cartoons | Funded Projects | Links | Members | Comments | Join Here | About Us | Contact Us

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