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Future Asteroid Interception Research Non-profit fund raising for astronomers hunting asteroids, meteorites, comets, and NEOs (near earth objects)

Security Issues

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Footnote: Surfing the net or running a gauntlet?

On the web where all kinds of skulduggery lurks, how do you tell the difference between genuine non-profit organizations and the impostors?

Within days of the Tsunami disaster over a dozen ‘official’ Red Cross websites were launched, so convincing in their presentation that thousands of people ‘donated’ before they were bust. If there are websites designed to specifically profit from the misery of others, its no wonder that the ‘trust level’ of people surfing the net has diminished.

Such despicable philandering has tainted a fantastic medium and well-intentioned organizations suffer as a result.

According to some anti-scam advisories, one way to spot an impostor is to look for clues in the "originality of presentation', and to contact the organization prior to entering a transaction if one harbours doubts. Validation from a person rather than an automated response can do much to clarify the legitimacy of the domain... Most phoney ‘causes’ will quickly back off when confronted by inquisitive e-mail.

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