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Asteroids Are a Fairly Humourless Topic, It Must Be Said ...

... which is why I alternate my science writing with some down to Earth humour.

Let me introduce you to a life out of the rat race, away from traffic, geopolitics, taxes, and falling meteorites.

Once you've signed up, send me your membership unique reference number (URN), shown on your certificate and on the site's members' list), and I will send you five of my as yet unpublished short stories, guaranteed to brighten your day with no obligation.

Rhubarbs Too (A Sucker for a Pretty Place)

Pinches of Salt & Buckets of Cash

Dirty Cornerís & Clean Slates

Wakes & Whispers

A Perfect Murder

Itís All Greek to Me for Good Reason

This light-hearted sequel to Rhubarbs from a Rock (Escaping the Rat Race), a book about life on a vehicleless Greek island, is in the pipeline. These selected stories are a complimentary sneak preview, if you like.

For further information about the author and these publications, click ... [more]

How Soon Is Too Late | Introduction | Justification | How FAIR Works | Not Convinced? | In the News | Frontispace Articles | Frontispace Cartoons | Funded Projects | Links | Members | Comments | Join Here | About Us | Contact Us

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