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Future Asteroid Interception Research Non-profit fund raising for astronomers hunting asteroids, meteorites, comets, and NEOs (near earth objects)

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The dinosaurs didn't see it coming... with help we can!
Out of the Blue
It's Mathematically Impossible
We can stop an asteroid - but never volcanoes!
Easier Than Other Sciences!? 

I need more telescopes Captian!
Fair Warning, Horatio


A defence system is only as good as its early warning capability
Deep Impact—False Impression
More chance of being whacked by a meteroite than becoming shark dinner!
Life's a Gamble

One Jeep less could mean a telescope more.
Why Governments Don't Help

Santa Maria we've been surrounded by Martians Captian
Science Faction

One nuclear sub less could fund a man on Mars
Join the Navy and See the World

If you can read my lips - Look behind you!
Looking the Wrong Way?


The asteroid had a 25% chance of hitting earth.
More Dangerous Than a Pretzel

"Dungeons & Dragons" in the Oval Office.
Giant Meteorites Not on Your List

In a society that can't lie, lawyers will be pushed for work.
The Last Lie 


Throw it away we don't need it anymore?! ... In support of the Hubble telescope.
In Support of Hubble

Wordworth Classics - Complete and Unabridged.

Original - The boy who lived on an asteroid

A paradoxical book cover with an interesting twist... 

Scott's - The lad who lived beneath one  >

Lilttledense1.gif (46919 bytes)

With sincere appreciation to Scott Alan, a friend of humour, talent, imagination, and integrity.

How Soon Is Too Late | Introduction | Justification | How FAIR Works | Not Convinced? | In the News | Frontispace Articles | Frontispace Cartoons | Funded Projects | Links | Members | Comments | Join Here | About Us | Contact Us

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