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Future Asteroid Interception Research Non-profit fund raising for astronomers hunting asteroids, meteorites, comets, and NEOs (near earth objects)

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FAIR-Society has been invited to join the World Philanthropists Organization, which is dedicated to promoting and linking charitable projects.

FAIR is an affliate member of the Astronomical League. The world's largest federation of amateur astronomers

FAIR contributes to Spaceguard UK, for further information about asteroid research, the observatory and astronomers.

Spacewatch's comprehensive site on NEO research

Space exploration's premier organisation

Great place to visit on all manner of science - science blogs and varied opinion

Working towards significantly altering the orbit of an asteroid in a controlled manner by 2015

Working to defend us from space rocks

Facinating discussions and articles on all matters space related by Chris Dann

When Mother Nature strikes, the unthinkable can happen. It’s now obvious that an early-warning system would have saved thousands of lives from the Asian tsunami. Instead, the unprepared region desperately needed help (and got it instantly from millions around the world using the Internet). Online charities do make a difference; its just a pity that far too often preventative causes get sidelined by ever current catastrophe situations. New Orleans is another prime example of postdisaster hindsight saying "if only" we had invested in the levies. Which U.S. citizen wouldn't have donated 15 bucks if he or she knew it could have prevented the Katerina catastrophe?

The Internet offers abundant information on the topic of space and near-Earth objects. Of thousands of websites, not one contradicts the need for further research into asteroids. Justification for private funding becomes more apparent the more one reads.

Please also see the [Associated Scientists] page for more on the astronomers (and their projects) who are beneficiaries of FAIR Society.

If you have any doubts as to the frequency of and scientific data about this phenomenon, have a look at NASA's [asteroid and comet impact hazards]. The numbers are astonishing.

For other selected links of interest related to astronomy and NEOs [more].

How Soon Is Too Late | Introduction | Justification | How FAIR Works | Not Convinced? | In the News | Frontispace Articles | Frontispace Cartoons | Funded Projects | Links | Members | Comments | Join Here | About Us | Contact Us

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